M.D.G. is not only the first self-produced CD by Matthew D. Guarnere, but it is also the first disc to be issued on the artist's own label, What's Real Unlimited records (WRCD 1132). M.D.G. is an EP or "Extended Play" formatted disc featuring four carefully crafted songs, two eclectic remixes and a bonus interview with Guarnere written and conducted by former radio personality, Scott Van Dusen. It all adds up to over 50 minutes of material. The M.D.G. CD has been getting great reviews all over the world. Listen to a sample of the disc's highlights [click below] and find out why!


Released: December 2001
Format: CD
Label: What's Real Unlimited (WRCD 1132)
Status: Available through iTunes and CD Baby
Track Listings:

1. A Little Chemistry
2. White Trash Wonder
3. You Never Have To Grow Old, My Dear (Song For Mercury)
4. Where's Everybody Gone?
5. Chemistry Experiment
6. M.D.G. Record Remix
7. Talkabout M.D.G.
Listen to highlights from the critically acclaimed M.D.G. CD

What's Real Unlimited (ASCAP)

All songs and remixes produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Matthew D. Guarnere at What's Real Unlimited

Invaluable Technical Assistance • Jamie Marvel
Front cover photograph • Kate Forest
Additional photography • Karrie Laughton
Title graphics & lava FX • Ron Brancato
Art direction & design • M.D.G.

M.D.G. • drums, percussion & programming, guitar, vocals
ROBERT SCRIBBLE • piano, synthesizers
A.D. ZIMMER • bass
JAY J. PALERMO • stunt guitar
MIKE GALLAGHER • lead guitar
MIKE CIRANNI • acoustic guitar
PAUL SMOKER • trumpet

Chemistry Experiment extended remix by M.D.G.

M.D.G. Record Remix by Keith Henderson & M.D.G., additional production by Keith Henderson, M.D.G. and Jamie Marvel

No harmonizers were used for voice enhancement, only CAD microphones and infinite patience...

Thanks to all the diverse musicians featured on these recordings, the Frank Scheidt Audio family, the Guarnere family, my dearest Rainey, Gene Hale, Scott Van Dusen, Bruce Bellwood, Trysh Laveck, John Vassallo, The Bop Shop, Paul Melnychuck, The Great Manfred (1984-1999)

Some equipment & services provided by Frank Scheidt Audio, Sphere Sound, S.O.L. Productions, Jamie Marvel, Jay J. Palermo, Eric Taylor, Uppercutt Design and Satellite Productions

Lyrics available here

All lyrics ©1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2001
All lyrics What's Real Unlimited (ASCAP)

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