MATTHEW D. GUARNERE's latest installment of insanity audio comes in the form of UNDERACHIEVER (Slacker Suite)! The brand new single is available exclusively at WWW.WHATSREALUNLIMITED.COM for free download!!! UNDERACHIEVER (Slacker Suite) certainly sounds like it looks and looks like it sounds thanks to the distorted morality of illustrator, DOUG MACDONALD. His hypertense cover ought to give more than a mere suggestion that this whacked out track is definitely not for the faint hearted or the peaceful minded. Give it a jump start and be subjected to M.D.G.'s punitive drum beating, downtrodden guitar & disciplinary vocals, while JAMES DI PINTO invigorates his unlazy, untranscribable lead guitar shreds, and A.D. ZIMMER whacks a few worthless punks in the backside with his booming bass paddle! It all clocks in at breakneck speeds, so pry your little indolent bones off the sofa NOW and download UNDERACHIEVER (Slacker Suite) before daddy takes your computer away and makes you get a job!


Listen to a sample of the couch potato cooking single.

lyrics & music by M.D.G.

Leave the nest, I said
Not another long day of loaf
Beat the rush hour dead
On your way to hard work
Son (of a gun)

Peace and love get bent
How you gonna save the whale?
Feed the hungry dad
On the home network telethon

When I was young I paid my own way
Long hours at minimum wage
You don't wanna hear it
But you better get straight
Look in the mirror and find your face
Your whole generation is such a whining animal

Feet before you stand
Never wanna train yourself
Your made for TV band is all look and no play
It's all been done

I won't be your savior my son
Now get this through your cranial sponge
The blind lead the bland in a brain dead world
Break out of boredom and be someone
But you've no fascination -
Incentive for creative art

Underachiever - ain't going nowhere
Underachiever - you're good for nothing

©2002 What's Real Unlimited (ASCAP)

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